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Track and Field Trophies 2022

We start this post with an apology. When I took over the Track and Field role in 2022, I was ignorant of the fact that there are two trophies awarded for best performances – in both Track and Field. The pandemic obviously somewhat upset the annual routine, so perhaps I could be forgiven for not knowing this. That, and the unlikelihood of me ever winning anything(!) meant that the Club didn’t award the athletics trophies for 2022 in 2022.

The Presidents Trophy (Track) and The Field Trophy (Field)

I’m now able to announce that we are rectifying (somewhat belatedly) this oversight.

After a couple of evenings spent checking the 2022 Vets League performances, and then double checking the results (and further discussing with the Committee) we can announce that:

The Presidents Trophy for best Track performance in 2022 is shared between Martin Smith and Clare Hazell (who couldn’t be separated on number of events, and total points scored!!!). Well done both, you’ll have to share the trophy over the rest of this year.

The Field Trophy for best Field performance in 2022, goes to Kathryn Leech.

We’ll arrange for the engravings and trophy records page to be updated. Well done everyone!