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Welcome to the Multi-Terrain Club Championship. The objective is to promote trails and multi-terrain by finding the best races within reach and encouraging other Harriers there to ensure it’s fun as well as competitive.

The 2022 Championship will be contested your best 5 races. Each race has been chosen for its terrain, distance and individuality.  Some of these races are very popular and sell out quick. Remember, you’ve to be in it to win it!!

Fixtures 2022:

Everyone who completes 5 races is entered into the Club Multi Terrain competition.

If you have any questions on the club Multi-Terrain Championship, please contact Clare Hazel.


  1. The competition is open to all registered senior members of White Horse Harriers.
  2. The competition is based on the fixtures above, your best 5 results counting.
  3. The competitor with the highest points score at the completion of the series will be the winner. (Male and Female Awards)
  4. If a race included in the club series is cancelled, the Championship Coordinator may choose to find a suitable replacement race if practical.


We are competing for the following titles and trophies:

  • Champion Man
  • Champion Woman

Multi -Terrain Championship Results

The Terminator 2022
The Terminator 2022