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Welcome to the Multi-Terrain Club Championship. The objective is to promote trails and multi-terrain running by finding the best races within reach and encouraging other Harriers there to ensure it’s fun as well as competitive.

To enter the 2024 competition runners need to complete 5 or more races. The races are listed below:

Fixtures 2024:

If you have any questions on the club Multi-Terrain Championship, please contact Clare Hazell.

2024 Rules

Each Harrier’s best 5 results will count towards the club championship.  

The rules determining the outcome in the event of a tie between competitors are as follows:

1) In the event of a tie between two or more Harriers, the winner will be determined by the points totals earned in direct competition between the athletes concerned.

2) If a race included in the club multi-terrain championships is cancelled, the multi-terrain secretary may choose to find a suitable replacement race if practical.


Prizes will be awarded for the following:

  • Champion Man (under 40)
  • Runner-Up Man (under 40)
  • Champion Woman (under 35)
  • Runner-Up Woman (under 35)
  • Veteran Man (40 and over)
  • Runner-Up Veteran Man (40 and over)
  • Veteran Woman (35 and over)
  • Runner-Up Veteran Woman (35 and over)
  • Most races entered

London Marathon place/s:

White Horse Harriers AC are allocated a place/s in the London Marathon.  All first claim Harriers that complete 5 races in the championship can be entered into a draw for the place/s allocated if they wish. To be entered into the draw, runners also need to volunteer/support the club in some way during the course of the year and not already be eligible for a good-for-age entry place into the marathon.

The Terminator 2022
The Terminator 2022