Welcome to White Horse Harriers

Track and Field Athletics

The Track and Field Athletics season runs through the spring/summer.  If it’s your first time, don’t panic.  It’s just a bunch of runners like you.  Please talk to the coaches and we’ll recommend what’ll suit you best.  It’s very much a team thing and fun to do with together with your Harrier running mates.

We have a number of England Athletics qualified coaches who’ll be delighted to give you coaching in track, jumps or throws if you’d either like to try something out or improve your skills.

Oxfordshire Junior League

We’re entering a Harriers junior team into the Oxfordshire Junior Track and Field League this 2018 summer season.

2018 Dates

There are three fixtures planned this summer.  Please pop the dates in your diary 🙂

Match Date Venue
Match 1 Sunday 15th April Horspath Stadium, Oxford, OX4 2RR
Match 2 Sunday 12th August North Oxfordshire Academy, Banbury, OX16 0UD
Match 3 Sunday 9th Sept Horspath Stadium, Oxford, OX4 2RR

Each competition will have a range of events for the competitors.

  • For Under 9 & Under 11’s they have the ‘Quad Kids’ (inc 75m, 600m, Long Jump & Vortex)
  • For U13’s, U15’s & U17, there are a range of events to choose from inc 100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, Relay, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Discus, Javelin & Shot Putt to choose from.

OJL Rules can be downloaded here.  Athletes age categories are taken from the 31st Aug 2018.  E.g. if you are still 10 years old on the 31st Aug, you are classed as U11.

A timetable of events here


We will need parent/helpers at each of the fixtures to help out the organizers with things like Long Jump, etc.  Please let us know if you’re able to help out, as it’ll make your afternoon as a spectator much more interesting.


More details of the events, timings, etc can be found at the OJL website.

Please contact simonmarcleech@gmail.com to register for the team, ask any questions and volunteers to help on the day.


Youth Development League (Under-17 and Under-20)

We participate in the “Team Oxford” combined team in the YDL (Youth Development League). This team is made up of athletes from Oxford City, Radley and White Horse Harriers Athletics Clubs.

2018 Dates

There are four fixtures planned this summer.

Match Date Venue
Match 1 Sunday 29th April Horspath Stadium, Oxford, OX4 2RR
Match 2 Sunday 27th May Hillingdon
Match 3 Sunday 1st July Perivale
Match 4 Sunday 29th July Tilsley Park, Abingdon

More details of the league can be found at the YDL website.

Please contact oxonydl@gmail.com if you are interested in participating or just want to know more.


Open Graded Meetings

If you haven’t run on the track since school, Open Graded meetings are a fantastic (re)introduction to Track & Field.

Athletes estimated their finish time when they enter.  Each distance race (100m, 400m, etc) may have four or five different races.  Athletes of a similar finish time are grouped together in a race.  For example, the first 1500m may be runners with estimated finish times between 5m.40s – 6m.20sec, so you compete with runners of a similar pace.

As races are based on pace, not age or gender, everyone has enjoyed the novelty of mixing it up with the juniors and seniors.

2018 Fixtures
  • Sun 25th Mar.  Radley Open.  Tilsley Park.  All (Juniors, Seniors & Vets)
  • Wed 25th Apr.  Oxford City Open.  Horspath.   All
  • Sat 12th & Sun 13th May.  Oxfordshire Championships.  Horspath.  All
  • Wed 15th Aug.  Oxford City Open.  Horspath.  All


Please note the Opens Graded meetings require you to enter individually.  You’ll find entries forms on the links above.

If you are intrigued, but nervous, you’ll be in good company!  Please talk to the RunLeaders & Coaches who are keen to put together a ‘try-out’ as a confidence builder.  If you have questions about how it works or estimating your expected time, please join the conversation on our FB page.

You may find this race time predictor useful.  Click here

The competitive juniors will attend nominated ‘Open Meeting’ with coach, Tom King.

Masters Series

Men & Women vets (over 35) have the opportunity to compete in the local Veterans Athletics League. This is a series of four fixtures 6.30pm – 9.30pm on Monday evenings and has events for over-50s as well as over-35s.

2018 Fixtures
  • Match 1 – Mon 30th Apr. SCVAC Veterans League.  Horspath.  V35-V60
  • Match 2 – Mon 14th May.  SCVAC Vets League.  Tilsley Park.  V35-V60
  • Match 3 – Monday 4th Jun.  SCVAC Vets League Bracknell.  V35-V60
  • Match 4 – Monday 2nd Jul.  SCVAC Vets League.  Tilsley Pk.  V35-V60





Mon 2nd July – Events Timetable
  • 6.30pm 2000m Walk (Women) 35, 50 [35A only]
    •    Discus (Men) 35, 50
    •    Shot (W) 35, 50 Pole V (M) 35, 50
    •    Pole Vault (W) 35, 50
  • 6.50pm 2000m Walk (M) 35, 50 [35A only]
  • 7.10pm 800m (M) 35A, B, 50, 60
    •    Triple Jump (M) 35, 50.
  • 7.30pm 800m (W) 35A, B, 50, 60
  • 7.45pm 200m (M) 35A, B, 50
    •    Discus (W) 35, 50, 60
  • 8.05pm 200m (W) 35A, B, 50
  • 8.20pm 3000m (M) 35A, B, 50, 60
    •    Javelin (M) 35, 50, 60
    •    Triple Jump (W) 35, 50
  • 8.35pm 5000m (W) 35A, B, 50
  • 9.05pm 4 x 200m Relay (M)
  • 9.15pm 4 x 200m Relay (W)


We have a number of England Athletics qualified coaches who’ll be delighted to give you coaching in track, jumps or throws.  Please let us know if you’d either like to try something out or improve your skills.