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Ridgeway relay 2017

Ridgeway relay race report – has anyone noticed the weather? It was a touch hot at the weekend, whilst those doing the first legs had to get up early, those doing the later legs were cursing their choice of a lie-in….

So firstly, I write this report from the position of wanting to maximize inclusion in all our events – getting as many people involved as possible and wanting everyone to ‘give it a go’ because we were all a ‘newbie’ at one point or another, afraid we couldn’t complete a distance or achieve a personnel objective. This mental toughness and ‘give it a go mentality’ helps us all find our boundaries and gives us confidence outside of running. And so, for those taking part and completing any of the legs on Sunday, in any time, you all displayed considerable mental determination and whilst it was truly horrid I know a number of people enjoyed themselves immensely, especially when we were sitting in the beer garden at 8pm!

So whilst not wanting to pick out to many individuals I do want to highlight some of the great results from the day. Firstly Helen our superhero for the day, before leg 1 was even complete Helen was helping another runner in distress. Thank you.

The ‘A team’ – congratulations on a magnificent 3rd place. There were some great efforts throughout. It is difficult with different teams having different paced runners to see exactly where big gains were made. But Ian‘s leg 3 (where he came 5th), Jason‘s where he came 3rd and Paul (3rd) and Jamie‘s (2nd) legs 9 and 10 definitely had a significant impact. Mark also came 6th on his leg. Well done all.

Congratulations also to the B team, 23rd place, upfrom 36th last year and ladies team who 37th and the 4th ladies team.

A special thanks also to Sharon and Sheila for coming out onto leg 7 in the heat and providing drinks for all the runners and to Sam and Rachel for supporting all the way around.

My aim for next year, slightly less warm weather and 4 teams!