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Claire wins the Cross Country Handicap.

Congratulations to Claire Nunn on winning the Cross-Country Handicap.
As always, the each runner is given a time handicap based on recent performance, and set off in order.  After a wet week, the evening was dry and the route from Sparsholt was better than expected
It was a great turn-out  and really pleasing to see several first timers including, Clair, Alison, Clayton and Tom.2016 Handicap
Results in finishing order.  Times are actual times of runners (not including the handicap)..
  • Claire Nunn – 53min 31sec
  • Paul Wileman – 34min 40sec
  • Jamie McBrien – 35min 58sec
  • Rachel Bennett – 51min 05sec
  • Becky Collias – 54min 57sec
  • Tom Walsh – 37min 55sec
  • Alison Osborn-Roberts – 64min 02sec
  • Helen Smith – 56min 09sec
  • Simon Leech – 40min 30sec
  • Chris Wilder – 37min 56sec
  • Clare Hazel – 53min 13sec
  • Sharon Bedford – 58min 58sec
  • Martin Atwood – 41min 21sec
  • Ian Lambourn –  41min 57sec
  • Jan McCabe – 58min 25sec
  • Clayton Gibbs – 51min 47sec
Please let me know if you spot any discrepancies.
Thanks to Ian and Dick for organizing the handicaps, start and finish of the race.

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