Welcome to White Horse Harriers

AGM 2017

2017 Annual General Meeting.

The Comrades Club.  Fri 3rd Nov


For this year’s AGM, we’re publishing the proposals well in advance of the meeting, and asking Harriers to comment (face-to-face, by email or Facebook) during October.  We’ll take feedback into account, amend the proposals if appropriate, and vote on them at the AGM.

AGM Agenda.  6.45pm – 7.30pm

Proposals for voting at the AGM

1.      Membership Fees


You are probably aware that over 2016/17 the club has significantly increased what we do, as part of a plan to provide more benefits to our members, and explore what Harriers wanted from the club.  This has included:

  • A structured training plan, including additional sessions on Tuesday & Thursday
  • More social activities and runs
  • Six new EA qualified coaches (approx. £185 each)
  • Hall hire for seniors (approx. £40 per session)
  • Sports Hall hire for juniors (approx. £40 per session)
  • The club pays the entries / match fees for an increasing level of competitions including Cross Country, Athletics, Sportshall as well as relay races

It’s been a rewarding year and we’ve seen a major increase in participation, together with a 50% growth in our membership.

As expected, we’ve seen an increase in our annual costs, and we’re budgeting to spend £4,400 on the regular activities in 2018.

England Athletics – As an EA registered club, we contribute £14 per athlete (over 12 years old) of our membership fees to our governing body, leaving the club with a balance of £15 from a  standard membership fee in 2016.  The direct benefit to the athletes of EA membership are typically a £2 saving entry fee per road race.

Proposed 2018 Membership

Our proposal is to continue doing more club activity, based on positive feedback both anecdotally and through surveys.

We believe that the club’s membership fees should cover the day-to-day running costs and therefore propose an increase in annual fees for 2018.

We’ve researched other clubs and believe the proposed increase still delivers great value to members and keeps us competitive with other sports and local running clubs.  Please click here for analysis

We’re proposing to increase our annual membership fees for 2018 as outlined below, and will put it to a vote at the AGM:

  • Senior – £40.50 per year  (£25.50 for WHH + £15 EA affiliation)
  • Student (19 and under) – £35.50 per year (£20.50 for WHH + £15 EA affiliation)
  • Child (12 and under) – £15 per year (no EA affiliation fee)
  • Family Membership – £74 per year  (includes any EA affiliation fees as needed above)
  • 2nd claim / associate member – £10 per year  (no EA affiliation fee)
  • Joining Fee – £15 (to include a club vest for new member)
  • Hardship allowance available on application.

2.      Half Marathon


We are seeking to find a permanent home for the club, where we can train and invest in better facilities, both for summer athletics, as well as safer facilities for the dark winter evenings.

King Alfred’s Academy (KA’s) are developing plans to invest in their ‘West Site’ sports facilities.  We have approached them with a proposal for a long-term strategic partnership, where we will jointly invest in facilities that the club will have regular use of.

This Partnership proposal is still in discussion, so we do not know how much money it will cost, or the club’s contribution.  However, it’s anticipated that we’ll need to raise investment through outside funds and that the club will be expected to match the funding.

The club organizes the White Horse Half Marathon on an annual basis.  It’s a major fund raiser for the club and we usually contribute a quarter of profits to local charities like Wantage Riding for the Disabled.

Proposal to retain profits from Half Marathon

We propose the club does not make any donations to charity from the Half Marathon in 2019, and retains all profits in order to build a fund for a permanent home and facilities.

3.      Proposal to limit Chairperson’s term to 4 years


We believe that there are several advantages in limiting the maximum term of the chairperson to a specific period.

  1. We believe a limited term, and a history of seeing different people successively chairing the club, may encourage a greater number of candidates to stand for the role.
  2. We’d hope that each new chair will bring a new energy and a fresh perspective to the role.


We  propose that the constitution is changed to limit the Chairpersons term to 4 successive years.

4.      Committee & roles

I would thank to thank all the volunteers that put their time and energy into the club.

We are seeking to appoint several new roles.  Please come and talk to me or others on the committee if you are interested and would like to know more:

  • PR Secretary. Dan Peace will be stepping down after 3 years, due to increasing work and travel commitments.  Dominic Worsley has volunteered to stand for the role
  • Volunteer Coordinator. Kathryn Leech has volunteered to stand for the role
  • Social Secretary. Sam Bell & Alex de Hotot (our Sultans of Socialising) have volunteered to jointly stand for the role.
  • Membership Secretary. We are inviting interested Harriers to stand
  • Kit Coordinator. We are inviting interested Harriers to stand
  • Cross Country Coordinator. We are inviting interested Harriers / parent to stand

Autumn Social 7.30pm – 9.30

  • Awarding trophies, medals and prizes.
  • Drinks & food.
  • Comparing injuries, chit chat & rubbish jokes.