Welcome to White Horse Harriers

Contributing a route

Route Guidelines:

  • Your run must be on public land, footpaths etc. No private land.
  • We recommend starting and finishing at a landmark – not your home.

How to send your run:

  1. Use Strava, Garmin or MapMyRun to record a good running route
  2. Take 1–3 scenic photos to inspire others (optional)
  3. Think of a name for your route
  4. Provide a 20–30 word description as to why you like this route
    • Describe key highlights (e.g. view, pub, cafe, field of llamas, red barn etc)
    • You don’t need to write route instructions, as we have your map (file)
  5. Export your route as a GPX file

Send the GPX file, the title, your description and your photos to: <blah>