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Road Racing

Road LadiesWelcome to the club’s Road Race pages, each year we select a number of local road races for the club championship. The objective is to promote road racing by getting more people trying local races, enjoying them and getting as many of the club to them as possible. We have therefore selected a mixture of runs from 5k Park Runs through to your own choice of Half Marathon (of course you’d choose the White Horse Half) and Marathon. There are also local races series, like Motavation. Feedback on selection of races is welcome.

Everyone who completes 8 races is entered into the Club road race competition, and is entered into a draw for the club marathon place(s).

You can find the details of this year’s club Road Race Championship through the link below.

If you have any questions on the club Road Race Championship please contact Jonathan Gibbard, the Road Race Secretary.

The 2017 club road race championship opens in March with a wider selection of races than usual.   This year includes 20 race options (plus Half and full marathon results) of which each Harriers best 8 results will count towards the final club championship standing plus 2 new club team race options Teddy Hall relay in March and County Road Relays in April.

Road Races

Photo credit Barry Cornelius

  • Feb. Goring 10k (26th Feb)
  • Mar. Park Run 1 – Abingdon (11th Mar)
  • Mar. Banbury 15 miles. (19th March)
  • Park Run 2 – Didcot (1st April)
  • Motavation 1 – 27th April – Chalrton-on-Otmoor
  • May. Chalgrove 10k (1st May)
  • May. Cottisford 5k (10th May)
  • May. Thames Run Wallingford 10k (21st May)
  • May. Oxford Town & Gown 10k. (14th May)
  • Jun. Parkrun 3 Newbury (10th June)
  • Jun. CPM Thame 10k. (25th June)
  • Jun. Motavation Race – Combe I (29th June)
  • Jul. Didcot 5. (2nd July)
  • Jul. Horton Classic 6m. (16th July)
  • Aug. Headington 5 (27th August)
  • Sep. Cotswold Classic 10m. (17th Sept)
  • Oct Hanney 5 (1st Oct)
  • Nov. Eynsham 10k (26th Nov)
  • Half marathon of your choice
  • Marathon of your choice
  • Plus – new for 2017 club team races
    • Teddy Hall relay 7th March
    • County Road Relay 30th April

Calender of events



Counting as two of the 22 races is the option for each Harrier to include one marathon event and one half marathon of their choice. The points awarded to competitors will be based upon their best performance (if a competitor should decide to compete in more than one marathon) at the end of the club championship season –  30th November 2017.  Competing Harriers must notify the Road Race Secretary of their selected Marathon & Half-marathon in advance.

The rules determining the outcome in the event of a tie between competitors are as follows:

1) In the event of a tie between two or more Harriers, the winner will be determined by the points totals earned in direct competition between the athletes concerned.

2) If a race included in the club road race championships is cancelled, the road race secretary may choose to find a suitable replacement race if practical.

As there 2017 Championship includes 20 events of which 8 count, there should be sufficient races to allow for the worst case scenario where a race is cancelled and is unable to be replaced.

We are competing for:

  • Champion Men
  • Champion Women
  • Veteran Men
  • Veteran Women

Awarding of Club London Marathon Places:

White Horse Harriers AC have been allocated 1 club places in the London Marathon.  In a change from previous years, all Harriers that complete the 8 required races in the championship will be entered into a draw for the place.

Please contact Jonathan Gibbard (Road Race Secretary) if you have any questions regarding Club Road Race Championships.