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This page is under development (November 2017).

Please find links to the club records via the Google Drive:

WHH Road Records

WHH Track and Field Records

WHH Records Progression.

The following are links to media uploaded to WordPress Itself:

Sportshall Records 2016

If a record is unknown or hasn’t yet been set, it provides an opportunity to get yourself into the hall of fame and establish a new mark in an exotic event!  Please email Gareth Smith (garethsmith1082@gmail.com) with any corrections or updates.  

Thanks to Tim Payne, Owain Bristow, and Frances Briscoe for the information and updates. 

New Track & Field records for 2015 are highlighted in brown.  


  • ^ – performance achieved using senior implement.
  • in – indicates an indoor performance.
  • ********* a world age best at the time.